Fox River Grove, IL – Functional Speech Therapy Co. is on the mission of providing high-quality language, speech, and feeding services to help children in Fox River Grove and the rest of the Chicago suburbs improve their communication while also educating parents, guardians, and families on how to achieve overall wellness for their children. Mariana Polistchuk, M.S. CCC-SLP, the founder, is a licensed and board-certified pediatric speech-language pathologist. She focuses on consultation, evaluation, diagnosis, and treatment of children with communication and feeding difficulties. 

Mariana’s training and certification in OPT, SOS, and PROMPT allow her to implement specialized treatment approaches in addition to traditional speech therapy techniques to help her clients with motor and sensory impairments. Additionally, she uses Picture Exchange Communication System (PECS), functional sign language, mid/high-tech speech-generating devices/applications, and many more during treatment.  

Functional Speech Therapy Co. offers custom formal and informal evaluations for children ages 6-18 years. The evaluation process helps the therapist determine a child’s strengths/challenges in language, delayed communication, feeding milestones, the ability to follow instructions, and overall communication skills. An evaluation includes the observation of the child, their developmental history, oral motor examinations, language samples, standardized tests, and other assessments. Based on the results, the therapist determines the type of therapy suitable for the child’s needs. 

The speech and language therapy services work to diagnose and treat disorders affecting social interaction, comprehension, and communication skills. Mariana Polistchuk advises parents and caregivers to seek out therapy services for children with difficulty playing/communicating with other children, reduced eye contact/engagement with parents/caregivers/peers, problems following directions, or other delayed milestones. The common diagnoses treated in speech and language therapy include Cerebral palsy, articulation disorder, childhood apraxia of speech, autism spectrum disorder (ASD), Down syndrome, intellectual disability, dysarthria, reading disorders, social communication disorder, pediatric feeding disorder, and many more. 

Upon diagnosis, the speech-language pathologist uses Prompts for Restructuring Oral Muscular Phonetic Targets (PROMPT) therapy. This technique utilizes a tactile-kinesthetic approach that guides clients through targeted sounds and words. Alternatively, Mariana Polistchuk uses Oral Placement Therapy (OPT), a technique that focuses on a client’s motor/sensory impairments to improve their speech or feeding skills. To address the underlying causes of feeding difficulties in children, the therapist uses Sequential Oral Sensory (SOS). This approach increases a child’s comfort level with a variety of foods by exploring/learning about different properties. 

Besides pediatric speech services, Mariana Polistchuk, M.S. CCC-SLP, provides individualized training and feedback to school personnel, parents, and therapists on evaluation, implementation, and teaching methods for Augmentative and Alternative Communication. To visit Functional Speech Therapy Co., call (224) 219-1924 to request an appointment. The therapist is located at 960 Route 22, Unit 216, Fox River Grove, Illinois, 60021, US. 

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Functional Speech Therapy Co.
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Mariana Polistchuk M.S CCC-SLP
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