Long Island Estate Planning Attorney Seth Schlessel Shares Insights on the Importance of a Trust and Will in Estate Planning

Esteemed Long Island estate planning attorney Seth Schlessel (https://www.schlessellaw.com/) of Schlessel Law, PLLC recently published an enlightening article on the vital role of a trust and a will in estate planning. This essential resource illuminates the need for well-structured estate plans to ensure an individual’s assets and legacy are protected.

Seth Schlessel, as a recognized Long Island estate planning attorney, explains the distinction between a trust and a will and the necessity of these tools in structuring an effective estate plan. According to him, “Trusts and wills are two important documents to include in planning for estates. They both serve distinct purposes, and a well-designed estate plan should be able to cover both unexpected and expected events.”

Long Island estate planning attorney Seth Schlessel’s article, ‘The Importance of a Trust and a Will in Planning an Estate,’ underscores the unique benefits of these documents when used in conjunction. It also outlines the benefits of combining the two, especially in cases that demand complex asset management and distribution strategies.

Providing a deeper understanding of these estate planning tools, Attorney Schlessel states, “A Will is a legal document that oversees your property distribution to the beneficiaries after your death, whereas a Trust holds assets and manages them for the trustor. It’s vital to understand the differences between a Trust and a Will and their unique benefits when used together.”

Along with the primary focus on trusts and wills, the Long Island estate planning attorney’s article further sheds light on other essential estate planning tools, including Power of Attorney, Health Care Proxy, Insurance Planning, and Retirement Asset Planning. The comprehensive guide aims to aid families in safeguarding their assets and legacies while ensuring their wishes are followed.

“We at Schlessel Law PLLC,” Schlessel asserts, “are dedicated to helping families protect their estates, assets, and legacy. We guide our clients to select from a range of estate planning tools, such as trusts and/or wills, according to what will work best for them and their family.”

The importance of hiring a competent estate planning attorney to secure assets is stressed throughout the article. The competent attorneys at Schlessel Law assist clients by addressing their queries, formulating comprehensive estate planning strategies, discussing potential tax and legal impacts, and identifying and mitigating possible issues.

Building upon Schlessel’s commitment to providing quality service to the community, this article is a testament to the firm’s dedication to educating the public about the complexities and advantages of a well-executed estate plan. Therefore, the guidance offered in this article is sure to be invaluable for anyone seeking a deeper understanding of trusts, wills, and the larger scope of estate planning.

About Schlessel Law PLLC:

Schlessel Law PLLC is a law firm based on Long Island, New York, dedicated to estate planning and probate litigation. They are committed to helping families understand the importance of a well-structured estate plan. The firm’s team of attorneys, led by Seth Schlessel, provides a comprehensive range of services to clients, from answering questions, drafting wills and trusts, and managing probate administration. 

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