Jamison Malone furnishes homes. She also ships cars across the country. She helps people relocate. She fills refrigerators with food, closets with clothes. She gives relationship advice, fixes problems. She catches the tiny details that you miss. She’s also a highly successful real estate agent. “I don’t even want to tell you the stuff that I have done,” laughs Malone.

Malone specializes in representing clients in the sports and entertainment industry. She’s worked with athletes from teams around the country, even branching out from real estate to found her own full-service management business, Honor Bright LLC.

Her love of sports began long before her real estate career. As a student of the University of Arizona, she married one of the school’s linebackers, turning her affinity for sports into a true passion. Sadly, he passed away early in life, and sports became associated with pain. After several years of distancing herself from the sports world, her real estate career brought her closer to the industry again, where she now thrives as a popular representative of pro athletes, in no small part due to her past experience.

“A professional athlete… they’re different. You have to understand what they’ve been through, what they’re going through, where they’ve come from… these guys go through a tremendous amount of ups and downs, stress, rejection, pressure…and then they have the pressures of the fame, and the fortune, and all of that on top of them as well,” says Malone. “I speak their language.”

That familiarity with the unique obstacles of high-profile athletes helps her go the extra mile for her clients, a professional habit that isn’t always lucrative, but she always finds rewarding.

Malone’s sense of internal accomplishment with her niche clients is what led her to start her management company, which leads her to all corners of the country and all manners of coordinative tasks. One benefit of the diverse services she offers is the breadth of experience it provides: she coordinates with real estate agents all over the country to relocate not only the pro athletes that she helps manage, but any of her clients where the need may be, giving her a unique familiarity with markets across the country.

Several years in accounting and business management and nearly fifteen years in real estate have given her a robust network and extensive business negotiation experience. However, while those factors are part of her career success, they’re not central to it. Rather, her success seems propelled primarily by a simple yet powerful element: Malone is driven to help people.

“Too many people in this business, too many people in this world, are money-driven,” she says, “and it’s the wrong way; you’re leading with the wrong intention.” 

The philosophy of this approach has given her a strong sense of integrity in her work. If you think about it, a real estate agent for professional athletes would have plenty of opportunity to market herself as a high-profile closer…but that’s not Malone’s style. “I’m not a name-dropper. I suppose if I was, I’d probably be a lot more famous than I am,” she says with a chuckle.

With an acute knowledge of Calabasas and SoCal markets (as well as being a long-time resident herself), Malone knows estate home transactions like the back of her hand, but what sets her apart from the rest is everything she gives to her clients outside of the parameters of her job. “I would say every client I have – not just athletes, but every client; even just regular everyday first-time homebuyers, they become family,” she says. That being said, everyone’s altruism has a threshold… so what’s hers? “…you don’t want to be in a negotiation with me,” says Malone, “…unless I’m negotiating for you.”

If you’re looking for real estate representation in the Southern California market, visit Jamison Malone at www.JamisonMalone.com.

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By Arlene Huff

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